My book *Shareware Heroes: The renegades who redefined gaming at the dawn of the Internet* is now available in audiobook form in North America, narrated by me. (It was already available in paperback and ebook form in most of the world.)

To celebrate, I've published an excerpt from Chapter 10, DOOM, on my newly-minted blog.
A screenshot showing part of the linked article, titled "The DOOM Effect", which begins "It seemed there was no stopping id Software. Commander Keen had given them their freedom, and Wolfenstein 3D’s mega-success had earned them the financial cushion to do anything. But all they wanted was to beat the last game – to outdo both themselves and everyone else. And at the centre of that drive was a push for ever-better technology. By the time Wolfenstein 3D’s commercial prequel Spear of Destiny hit retail shelves, Carmack had already built a new engine."