A relic from the age of codewheels and other physical copy protection devices. This is a cheat-sheet of sorts for answering the copy protection questions on Premier Manager 2, which I played incessantly on my older brother's laptop as a kid. Trouble was that the laptop screen was greyscale, so I had to learn through trial and error which shade meant which colour.
A laminated printout copy of the Premier Manager 2 codewheel. There are 10 different shirt patterns and 10 different shorts, written out here as descriptions rather than drawn in pictures. You can then take the numbers and use them to read the table below to get the letter(s) you need to pass the copy protection check.

@MossRC Reminds me of Hellcats Over the Pacific and F/A-18 Hornet, by Graphsim. When you launched the simulator it would tell you to open the manual to a certain page and find a word at a certain position on the page. For example page 87, seventh line, fifth word. It wouldn’t run unless you typed in the correct word. Not exactly unbreakable, but it meant you had to have a complete copy of the manual, not just the software.

@dmnelson I've seen several games that did that. Usually it was a relatively small set of locations and words, so pirates would create text files that just contain them all in a list.

@MossRC Ah, makes sense. I guess in the old days of limited storage and compute resources, they probably wouldn’t have wanted to waste too much on a full copy of the manual, which was not exactly a small book.