Found a printout of one of my favourite past articles, Carriage Return, a feature on a typewriter repairman in Carlton (an inner Melbourne suburb) that I wrote for @glennf and The Magazine. I've also got the first draft, appropriately written on a typewriter my now-wife bought for me from him.

Fun fact: Tom's *still* at it, a decade later (now around 79 years old, I think), and he's become world renowned for his work — he's even traded letters with famous typewriter enthusiast Tom Hanks.
The first page of a printout of the article Carriage Return, published July 4, 2013, about a typewriter repairman in Melbourne who is nearing retirement. A closeup photo of a Craftamatic typewriter fills most of the page. A page of text from the article, beginning "Typewriter Tom lives with his two sisters in an apartment above his shop on Elgin Street, just outside Melbourne's Central Business District. He fixes typewriters for a living, or at least he used to."

The article's still online, too! Here's a link, in case anyone wants to read it:

@MossRC I was just referencing your article when I wrote an update for The Magazine: The Book promoting Shift Happens, the book I've edited by Marcin Wichary that I hope you've seen over at Kickstarter!

@glennf I backed it last week! Looks like it'll be a very cool book, and I knew it'd be good the moment I saw you were editing it.

@MossRC I bow in your general direction!